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Movement, Music, and Magic for Children Aged 2½-5 Years.

Dance to your own tune is a lively but structured dance class for children taking their first steps independently in dance.

This class develops physical skills and encourages creativity, expression and confidence.

Through participation in appropriate learning activities, children learn:

  • to move with control, coordination and confidence,

  • an awareness of their body and how it moves through space,

  • a sensitivity to music, and expression of emotions through movement.

behind all the fun students are prepared for a transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.


Why does my child need preschool dance? 


  • Develops good posture, balance and self-awareness

  • Builds confidence

  • Develops focus and concentration

  • Provides exercise for a healthy body

  • Develops social skills

  • Enhances thinking skills

Our classes capture the incredible imagination of your two to five year olds, engaging them with exciting themes and props. We follow the 'Dance to your own tune' curriculum, created by the Royal Academy of Dance and taught by the principal Kim Bamford who is a registered teacher with the RAD. Each class has a clear structure to introduce the children to the basic steps of dance with the beginnings of ballet technique.

Around the lesson framework are 6 themes that are rotated between the classes every half term. This allows enough time for your child to master the step, whilst being met with new challenges each theme offers.



What to expect...

  • Please arrive as close to 10.30am as possible, the enter and exit out of the blue door directly off the studio at the far end of the car park up the steps.

  • The children can wear anything they are comfortable to move in with their hair tied up, carrying their favourite teddy or doll if they wish.

  • Ideally parents say goodbye at the door unless a little one is new and needs settling.

  • When the children come in they will see a coloured spot to indicate where to sit.


Settling in

If your child is new to Teknik Dance Academy and a little unsure of their surroundings you are welcome to stay, but ideally you should try to leave as soon as possible so they don't become used to having you in the class, plus its less disruptive to the rest of the class. Once the music is on and the exciting props out and are being used the children are usually distracted and happy to be left. You know your child best, but we find it often works well to then slip out and wait outside in the car. If they do cry, which is rare, it is often for less than a minute and they are then usually happy to sit with the teacher and join in with the fun exercises. Please be assured we want your child to be happy and enjoy their first experience of dance so if we feel it would be best you are back in the room we would come and get you or call you immediately.

Piece of mind

All classes are taught by the principal which isn't usually the case in bigger schools. Kim is qualified with the Royal Academy of Dance and has recently trained as a certified Acrobatic Arts Teacher too. She holds a DBS, is first aid and child protection trained. Kim has many years experience, two children of her own and perfect at meeting the different needs of preschoolers.

When is my child ready to move up?

The classes as described above are tailor made for pre-school children (Aged 2 and a half to 5). They usually sit in a circle which, at a young age is an easier way to see the teacher. It also helps them to be more aware of the other children in the class and learn to take turns. The class uses a large number of props and imagery to engage children.

The next class on from pre-school dance is Pre-Primary designed for children who have started school. The class is structured around the RAD syllabus. The class is more formal as the children are placed in rows facing the front. The class still uses imagery, props and is fun, but it is working towards a higher level of technique. As the children have started school they are familiar working within a class situation whereas for younger children this element might be rather overwhelming. It is also important to mention there are age restrictions on taking the Pre-Primary exam , therefore if your child moves up too early they may find themselves repeating a year or spending longer in the following grade.

'Dance to your own tune' is a wonderful stepping stone into the world of dance. Start their journey on the right foot...  

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